• Paper abstract & video submission deadline

  • Selected abstract & video announcement

  • Briefing for winning abstracts

  • Final presentation & paper submission

  • Indonesia HR Summit 2019

  • July 22, 2019

  • August 16, 2019

  • August 20, 2019

  • September 5, 2019

  • September 18-19, 2019

  • All candidates submit both abstract and video.

  • Selected abstracts must then submit a full paper.

  • The selected paper will be published in and the IHRS 2019 Committee will have copyright.

  • The best 3 of 8 winners will present at the IHRS 2019, while the other winners will have their work displayed as a poster.

  • All correspondences must be sent to IHRS 2019 Call for Papers Committee email address as follows:

Dita Deyence
Tel. +62 21 8379 2121
Mobile. +62 812 9913 4443

Papers presented at the Indonesia HR Summit 2019 (IHRS) will be selected from abstracts submitted to the Paper Committee. Early submission is particularly important to ensure that the Committee Members have ample time to review the abstracts.


Abstracts are evaluated on the basis of the information supplied on the abstract form in accordance with the following criteria:

1. The submitted paper must contribute to HR Management or be of immediate interest to the HRprofessionals.
2. Data in the submitted paper must be correct and reliable.
3. The substance of the submitted paper should not be published previously in any other journals or other professionals or HR journals/publication.
4. The paper content focuses on case study, not merely relying on academic/scientific analysis, theoretical review or quotes from educational publications.
5. The submitted paper can be written in English & Bahasa and in a style that ensures the proposed paper will not be commercial in nature.
6. The submitted paper must have necessary clearance and approval before submission. Any problems concerning clearance should be outlined when the submitted paper is received.

Video Submission

Each Author must attach a brief presentation video/vlog (max 50 MB) related to the proposed written abstract. This video should be max 5 minutes length focusing on the substance of proposed topic and must represent the quality of your presentation. Video can be made using mobile phone camera, not necessarily using high quality video camera. You canalsoupload thevideotoonlinemediasuchasYouTubeandprovideuswiththelink.

Abstract Content

The abstract must be a minimum of 200 words and no more than 500 words in length,and should include the following:

• DESCRIPTION (INTRODUCTION TO THE ISSUE): Outline the scope and nature of the work upon which the paper is based (e.g., practical data, management issues, people concerns, etc.). Please make it as clear as possible.
• APPLICATION (METHOD): Describe the possible applications of the information provided in the paper.
• RESULTS, OBSERVATIONS, AND CONCLUSIONS: Summarize the result and major conclusion to be presented in the paper and state how these differ from previous practices on the same subject.

Area of interest (Topic Categories)

The paper has its relevancy with the conference theme and please use the categories included below to best describe your abstract. It is important for your attention that the key criteria for selected papers is sharing HR success stories, best practices, lessons learned on “HR Transformation to Win Employee Experience” The HR interventions may come from various HR areas practices, but it should reflect that the intervention has been performed to align with the business situation as the main driver. The topic categories are as follows:

1. Global Trend in Employer Branding and Employee Experience
2. Cultivating Creative Work Culture
3. Managing Employee Well-being & Resilience
4. Managing Employee Engagement and Performance
5. HR Transformation on Culture, Technology, and Physical Space
6. Future of Work & Workers – The Digital Natives

Selection Criteria

1. Originality of the topic - it has never been presented in any other forums/conferences. It offers a novel approach and creates interests for the participants.
2. Relevancy of the topic with the IHRS 2019 theme HR Transformation to Win Employee Experience.
3. Contains best practice or lesson-learned. Participants will be inspired and keen to implement and develop the same practice.
4. Depth of topic – Contain in depth message on the topic which can be conveyed in a concise manner in the 5 minutes video.
5. Quality of presentation video. Speakers must show strong ability in public speaking and presentation skills, along with a brief explanation of the topic to impress the Committee in the 5-minute video.


Obtain necessary clearance from your management and completed abstract must be received by the Committee.Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their abstracts and its brief presentation video electronically at the latest July 15, 2019. It is critical that all information requested on page 2-5 of this document be provided in full and in the order requested.

1. Authors of abstracts selected for the event program will be notified on August 15, 2019.
2. Authors whose abstracts are accepted will be required to provide a paper for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings. This event is operated under “No-Paper No Podium” Policy whereby if a paper with the associated forms is not received by the due date, it will be withdrawn from the program and not allowed to be presented.
3. Please note that if accepted, your paper may be published, as submitted, in conference information media, including the Conference CD-ROM Proceedings and on the event website.
4. Detailed instructions in the preparation of paper and presentations will be sent to corresponding.
5. Committee will provide a token of appreciation as follows :
a. Selected Oral Presentation Paper
• One (1) return airplane ticket for domestic economy
• One (1) room for 2 nights appointed hotel accommodation
• One (1) free conference fee
• Speaker’s Memento
• Paper will be published on
b. Selected Poster Presentation Paper
• One (1) free conference fee

A Word about Commercialism

IHRS-2019 has a stated policy against use of commercial trade names,company logos,or text that is commercial in tone in the paper title, text or slides. Use of such terms will result in careful scrutiny by the Program Committee in evaluating the abstracts and the presence of commercialism in the paper may result in it being withdrawn from the program.

Right to Disclose

All authors of papers or posters presented at the conference will be required to complete andsubmitarighttodiscloseformtoIHRS-2019 Committee or submit the right to disclose exemption form where applicable.

Changes, Cancellation, and Withdrawal

IHRS-2019 Committee considers an accepted abstract as a commitment to present. If extenuating circumstances prevent the author from making the presentation, it is the author’s obligation to find the alternate presenter and notify the committee. Withdrawals must be made in writing to the IHRS-2019 office as soon as possible. Under no circumstances that submitted abstract be changed once it has been submitted. Cancellation, particularly after a paper has been accepted and publicized, is viewed by the Program Committee as highly unprofessional.

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